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General Information


LSF2013 will be a VIRTUAL conference with NO “in-person” component this year!

The NASA Lunar Science Institute will broadcast the annual NASA Lunar Science Forum (LSF) as a virtual conference during the dates of July 16-18, 2013. The conference will be broadcast between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. PDT, Tuesday-Thursday, followed by optional poster sessions each day.

The scientific program will feature sessions on in-depth scientific results from the recent and pending missions, including: the Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (GRAIL), Acceleration, Reconnection, Turbulence and Electrodynamics of the Moon’s Interaction with the Sun (ARTEMIS), Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter (LRO) and a status update for the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) mission.

Additional program highlights include:


Although this year's Lunar Science Forum is virtual, we highly encourage local communities to establish virtual hubs, as described below.

We look forward to another exciting meeting focusing on science Of, On and From the Moon!

How to Participate

You must be registered to participate in the Virtual Forum.  Please click Forum Registration on the top menu to register for the 2013 Lunar Science Forum. You must create a new account even if you have already done so for the 2012 Lunar Science Forum.  After creating a new account, you will need to check your email for a link which will activate your account. 

Presentations will be delivered using Adobe Connect. Simply go to the agenda by clicking the hyperlink below, then click on the Session you would like to join.

Connect to the 2013 Virtual Forum Sessions. 

Virtual Poster Session

We are excited to unveil our new virtual posters! Each poster author will have an individual webpage devoted to their virtual poster. This poster page will include their abstract, a video/audio introduction to the poster recorded by the author, the poster itself (pdf file), and a chat window where you may ask questions that the author can answer in a running dialog with participants. This dialogue will be live during the Forum’s poster sessions, but will also be available 24/7 during the Forum. As an additional social media feature, there is also an “I am interested in this topic” button that will allow conference attendees to connect with others who have also expressed interest in the respective poster topics.

Virtual Hubs

We recognize that a large benefit of conferences involve person-to-person contacts and discussions. To this end, we encourage you all to either generate or participate in a local "Hub" which will act as a gathering place for all local lunar enthusiasts interested in viewing the Forum proceedings. Ideally, this "Hub" would be held in a large conference style room that is easily accessible to others in the immediate area and can remain open through the duration of the Forum events. These hubs are entirely voluntary both in organization and participation. We have provided a webpage that will help you either list your Hub or find a nearby Hub. http://lunarscience.nasa.gov/lsf2013/VirtualHubs

Student and Young Professionals Events

Lightning Round Talks As one of the central missions of NLSI, development of students into the next generation of lunar researchers is of utmost importance. To this end, we will continue our Lightning Round Talk sessions which allow students 1-2 minutes to talk about their research, advertise their poster and place their research in front of the larger community. Each session will have ~7 students talk via Adobe Connect in rapid-fire succession with no powerpoint slides or visual aids. If you are a student and are interested in participating in these sessions, please send an email to the NLSI Staff Scientist Brad Bailey at lsfstudents@gmail.com before 11:59p July 8, 2013.

Lungradcon 2013 Virtual Workshop The 4th Annual Lunar Graduate Conference (LunGradCon 2013) is to be held on Wednesday, July 10th, prior to the NASA Lunar Science Forum. This year LunGradCon will be an entirely virtual one day workshop. Participants can choose to join in using Adobe Connect, Google+ HangOuts, or a call-in polycom system. LunGradCon is organized to provide an opportunity for graduate students and early-career postdocs to present their research in a low-stress, friendly environment, being critiqued only by their peers. In keeping with the future direction of the NLSI, we encourage participation from all students and postdocs investigating the Moon, Near Earth Asteroids, Phobos and Deimos, and the near space environments of these target bodies. For more details, please visit: http://lasp.colorado.edu/ccldas/lgc2013 or email any questions to: lungradcon@gmail.com

** NOTE TO ALL ADOBE CONNECT ACCOUNT HOLDERS** For those of you who have NLSI Adobe Connect accounts and typically host meetings through Adobe Connect on our server, these accounts and associated meetings will be temporarily suspended for the week of the Forum in order to commit all server bandwidth to the Forum.


For further information regarding logistics, contact

Brad Bailey, NASA Ames Research Center Phone: 650-604-2104 E-mail: Brad.Bailey@nasa.gov