Instrument Design & Compatibility (Q&A)

Results from the workshop

The goal of this document is to compile a list of outstanding questions about building and developing science instrumentation that is EVA-compatible. The LSSW Organizing Committee will work to get answers to as many of these questions as possible, but do not guarantee that answers will be provided for every question asked.

  • 1 How will EVA activities be structured to permit serendipitous discoveries?
  • 2Will the timeline of activities be minute by minute structured or will there be generic time for traverse and sample collection?
  • 3How will tools and other resources be allocated to missions and EVAs?
  • 4How long can an astronaut stay in a PSR?
  • 5What is the design life of an EVA glove? Are there plans to design new ones?
  • 6What is the maximum traverse distance for crew without a rover?
  • 7Can the astronaut tool caddy keep pace with crew walking?
  • 8Are there standards for communications being applied to various surface assets?
  • 9Is it possible to mount science instruments directly to the EVA PLSS or helmet? If so, where will interface options be documented?
  • 10Will EVA suits include real-time graphical displays? If so, could surface information be determined and displayed in real-time?
  • 11Approximately how much useful time will astronauts have to traverse to new areas and conduct science/demonstration tasks per EVA?
  • 12What are the volume and mass constraints for crew and/or rover mounted instruments?
  • 13Will there be commonality across power systems for Artemis?
  • 14Will there be in-situ charging for instruments (e.g. off the rover or PLSS or common power supply)?
  • 15Has any testing been done on using a walking stick / staff for stability on EVAs? Have any studies been done on whether pushing, pulling, or carrying is the best way to transport things on EVA?
  • 16Would it be helpful to have displays integrated directly into the crew-manipulated tools/instruments?
  • 17Is there standard guidance for making instruments dust tolerant?