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Alex Parker Southwest Research Institute Instrument development concepts for in orbit and on the surface exploration of airless planetary bodies Self-Assembling Mesh Networks of Femto-Scale Sensor Motes for Planetary Exploration View Abstract
Andrew Jordan University of New Hampshire Dust/Regolith Observational Evidence for Dielectric Breakdown Weathering on the Moon View Abstract
Andy Shaner Lunar and Planetary Institute Education & Public Outreach/Citizen Science Scientists Should Engage Young Students: Why and How View Abstract
Anna Galiano Istituto di Astrofisica e Planetologia Spaziali (IAPS-INAF) Origin and evolution of the solar system as encoded in the Moon, asteroids, Phobos, and Deimos Distribution of NIRS3 Spectral Slope for the Characterization of the Ryugu Surface View Abstract
Anthony Colaprete NASA Ames Research Center Missions The Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) Mission: Measurement Goals and Traverse Planning, View Abstract
Bethany Ehlmann California Institute of Technology Missions Lunar Trailblazer: A Pioneering Small Satellite for Lunar Water and Lunar Geology View Abstract
Brian Day NASA SSERVI Missions NASA Solar System Treks: New Worlds, New Portals, New Updates View Abstract
Carle Pieters Pieters Brown University Radiation, Plasma, Exosphere Lunar Sample 61016 Documents a Rapid Development of Weathering Products in the Lunar Environment View Abstract
Casey Honniball NASA Postdoctoral Program Volatiles Molecular Water on the Sunlit Lunar Surface: Detection of the 6 µm H-O-H Fundamental with the SOFIA Airborne Observatory View Abstract
Charles Shearer University of New Mexico; Lunar and Planetary Institute Missions Apollo Next Generation Sample Analysis (ANGSA). The Importance of Lunar Sample Return and Preparing for Artemis View Abstract
Chrysa Avdellidou Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur Planetary Analog Studies for Science, Ops, Tech and Exploration Hypervelocity Impacts on Carbonaceous Asteroids Analogue Materials View Abstract
Clive Neal University of Notre Dame ISRU How is the Artemis Base Camp Sustainable? View Abstract
Craig Neal University of Central Florida ISRU Regolith Materials for ISRU in Vacuum Conditions: Effects on Phase Evolution, Character, and Composition by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and In Situ Calorimetry View Abstract
Daniel Andrews NASA ISRU VIPER: Pathfinding Lunar Resource Understanding View Abstract
Darby Dyar PSI and Mount Holyoke College Asteroids/NEO Characterization/Planetary Defense A Quantitative Machine Learning-Based Modern Taxonomy for Asteroids View Abstract
David Blewett Johns Hopkins Univ Applied Physics Lab Dust/Regolith Lunar Swirls in the Maria and Highlands: Near-Ultraviolet and Near-Infrared Space-Weathering Trends View Abstract
David Bordenave University of Virginia Instrument development concepts for in orbit and on the surface exploration of airless planetary bodies Earth Based Evaluation of Dynamic Polarimetry for Future Global 21-CM Cosmology Observations from the Moon View Abstract
David Kring USRA - LPI ISRU Potential Water and Dry Ice Distribution in the Lunar South Polar Region View Abstract
David Rapetti NASA Ames-USRA/University of Colorado Boulder Astrophysics/Heliophysics Global Neutral Hydrogen Data Analysis Pipeline for a Lunar-Based Satellite View Abstract
Deborah Domingue Planetary Science Institute Lunar Exploration & Destination Drivers Regolith Structural Characterization of Lunar Swirls within Mare Ingeii View Abstract
Donald Hendrix Stony Brook University Dust/Regolith Chemical Reactivity and Potential Toxicity of Lunar Soils: A Study of the Olivine Solid Solution Series View Abstract
Eldar Noe Dobrea Planetary Science Institute Robotics Rover Science Autonomy in the Field: Implementing the Hypothesis Map. View Abstract
Elliot Sefton-Nash European Space Agency Missions The ESA PROSPECT Payload For Luna 27: Development Status View Abstract
Emily Costello University of Hawai'i at Manoa Volatiles Impact Gardening of Ancient Ice on the Moon View Abstract
Ernesto Palomba Istituto di Astrofisica e Planetologia Spaziali (IAPS-INAF) Origin and evolution of the solar system as encoded in the Moon, asteroids, Phobos, and Deimos Spectral Properties of Bright and Dark Areas on Ryugu Surface View Abstract
Garrett Schieber Georgia Institute of Technology, REVEALS ISRU Experimental Evaluation of Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer for the Development of Lunar Thermal H2O Mining View Abstract
Hanna Nekvasil Stony Brook University Dust/Regolith Do We Really Know How Toxic Lunar Dust Actually Is? View Abstract
Henry Hsieh Planetary Science Institute Solar System Dynamics The Themis Asteroid Family: A Potential Source of Ice-Rich Near-Earth Asteroids View Abstract
Hsiang-Wen Hsu LASP, University of Colorado Boulder Asteroids/NEO Characterization/Planetary Defense Electrostatic Loss of Fine-grain Regolith on Sub-kilometer Asteroids View Abstract
Humberto Campins University Of Central Florida Asteroids/NEO Characterization/Planetary Defense Searching for Exogenous Material on Asteroid (99942) Apophis View Abstract
Jack Burns University of Colorado Boulder Astrophysics/Heliophysics Transformative Astrophysics from the Farside of the Moon View Abstract
James Head Brown University Dust/Regolith Rethinking Lunar Mare Basalt Regolith Formation: New Concepts of Lava Flow Protolith and Evolution of Regolith Thickness and Internal Structure View Abstract
Jason McLain NASA GSFC Volatiles Solar Wind Proton Induced Hydroxylation on Lunar Soil 78421 View Abstract
Jeffrey Gillis-Davis Washington University Volatiles Lunar Regolith Surface Features as Indicators of Volatile Release View Abstract
Jennifer Larson University of Central Florida Asteroids/NEO Characterization/Planetary Defense Implementing the DART impact as a Benchmark for the Rebound Ejecta Dynamics Package View Abstract
John Keller University of Colorado Boulder Education & Public Outreach/Citizen Science “FORWARD! Lunar Exploration and Beyond” Fiske Fulldome Film View Abstract
Joshua Hibbard Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Department, Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy Astrophysics/Heliophysics Modelling the Galactic Foreground and Beam Chromaticities for Lunar-Based Global 21-cm Experiments. View Abstract
Jun Huang China University of Geosciences Lunar Exploration & Destination Drivers Diverse Rock Types Detected in the Lunar South Pole-Aitken Basin by the Chang'E-4 lunar mission View Abstract
Kaizad Raimalwala Mission Control Space Services Instrument development concepts for in orbit and on the surface exploration of airless planetary bodies Autonomous Soil Assessment System: Contextualizing Rocks, Anomalies and Terrains in Exploratory Robotic Science (ASAS-CRATERS) View Abstract
Kelsey Young NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Planetary Analog Studies for Science, Ops, Tech and Exploration Developing Advanced EVA Informatics for Field Portable Instrumentation and Science Operations During Crewed Planetary Surface Exploration View Abstract
Kerri Donaldson Hanna University of Central Florida Lunar Exploration & Destination Drivers Mapping the Composition of the Moon Using Thermal Infrared Spectroscopy: Current and Future Observations from Orbital and Landed Missions View Abstract
Kevin Cannon University of Central Florida Volatiles A Geologic Model for Lunar Ice Deposits at Mining Scales: Updates and Lessons for Prospecting Campaigns View Abstract
Kris Zacny Honeybee Robotics ISRU TRIDENT (The Regolith and Ice Drill for Exploring New Terrain) for VIPER Rover View Abstract
Le Qiao Shandong Univ. Geology/Geophysics/Geodynamics Mare Domes in Mare Tranquillitatis: Identification, Characteristics, and Implications for the Oldest Lunar Volcanism View Abstract
Li Hsia Yeo University of Colorado Boulder Dust/Regolith Triboelectric Charging of Lunar Dust by Rover Wheels View Abstract
Lingzhi Sun University of Hawaii Geology/Geophysics/Geodynamics Multispectral Imaging and Hyperspectral Profile of the First Dissection for Core 73002 View Abstract
Lisa Schleicher Independent Scientist ( Lunar Exploration & Destination Drivers Constructing a Probabalistic Seismic Hazard Analysis Framework for the Moon View Abstract
Marco Delbo University Cote d'Azur - CNRS - Obseravatory of Cote d'Azur Origin and evolution of the solar system as encoded in the Moon, asteroids, Phobos, and Deimos Observing the Planetesimal Size Distribution Amongst Main Belt Asteroids View Abstract
Michael Collier NASA/GSFC Astrophysics/Heliophysics The Lunar Environment Heliospheric X-ray Imager (LEXI): A Lunar Surface Instrument to Observe the Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interaction View Abstract
Midhun S Menon SSERVI Robotics Enabling ARTEMIS and the FARSIDE Low Frequency Radio Telescope Missions with URSSA – a Testbed for Extra-planetary Surface Telerobotics Research View Abstract
Mihaly Horanyi IMPACT, University of Colorado Instrument development concepts for in orbit and on the surface exploration of airless planetary bodies Exploration of Resources in Lunar Polar Regions View Abstract
Molly Wasser ADNET Systems/NASA Goddard Education & Public Outreach/Citizen Science Share your Field Work with NASA Expeditions, a Loanable NASA Social Media Account View Abstract
Nandita Kumari Stony Brook University Dust/Regolith Different Trends of Variation in Christiansen Feature on the Lunar Surface: Effects of Iron Content and Particle Size View Abstract
Nicholas Schmerr University of Maryland Geology/Geophysics/Geodynamics Geophysical Exploration of the Dynamics and Evolution of the Solar System (GEODES) View Abstract
Noah Petro NASA GSFC Missions The Gift that Keeps on Giving: LRO at 11 View Abstract
Norbert Schorghofer Planetary Science Institute, USA Volatiles What Ice on Ceres Might Tell Us About Ice on the Moon View Abstract
Parvathy Prem Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Volatiles Lunar Volatiles Science at the Lander Scale View Abstract
Paul Lucey U. Hawaii Lunar Exploration & Destination Drivers Relative Magnitudes of Water Sources to the Lunar Poles View Abstract
Paul Sánchez University of Colorado Boulder Asteroids/NEO Characterization/Planetary Defense Seismic Waves in the Asteroid Environment View Abstract
Philip Metzger University of Central Florida Dust/Regolith Quantifying Engine Exhaust Ejecta from Landing Large Spacecraft on the Moon View Abstract
Rachel Klima JHUAPL Lunar Exploration & Destination Drivers The Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium View Abstract
Robert MacDowall NASA/GSFC Lunar Exploration & Destination Drivers Status of the Radio Observations at Lunar Surface of Photoelectron Sheath Payload View Abstract
Rosemary Killen NASA Goddard Volatiles Coronagraphic Observations of the Lunar Sodium Exosphere 2018-2019 View Abstract
Ryan Watkins PLANETARY SCIENCE INSTITUTE Geology/Geophysics/Geodynamics New Insights Into the Lunar Surface From LROC NAC-Scale Photometric Investigations View Abstract
Stephen Robinson UC Davis and Co-I, REVEALS SSERVI Lunar Exploration & Destination Drivers Heads-Up Display Technology for Deep-Space Spacewalks View Abstract
Thomas Prettyman Planetary Science Institute Geochemistry/Petrology Carbon and Organics on Ceres: Exploration Connection View Abstract
William Farrell NASA/Goddard SFC Radiation, Plasma, Exosphere Mapping the Surface Potential and Ion Flow in the Lunar South Polar Region View Abstract
William Yingling University of Western Ontario Geology/Geophysics/Geodynamics Impact Melt Emplacement on Terrestrial Bodies View Abstract
Yaeji Kim Auburn University Asteroids/NEO Characterization/Planetary Defense The Sensitivity of (99942) Apophis' Neck to Resurfacing During the 2029 Earth Flyby View Abstract
Ziyu Huang University of Souther California Volatiles Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Water and Hydrogen Formation on Lunar Surface View Abstract