Joining efforts to bring the exploration science communities together.

July 20–23, 2021

SSERVI and its European partner organizations will jointly co-host the 2021 NASA Exploration Science Forum & European Lunar Symposium as a virtual meeting.

This conference will bring together scientists from around the world to focus on science which enables human and robotic exploration, and science enabled by human exploration as relates to the target bodies of the Moon, Near Earth Asteroids, and the moons of Mars.

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What to expect, virtually.

Scientific Exchange

Bringing the Community Together in Novel Ways

Promoting the Next Generation of Exploration Scientists

Creating Bridges – Between Science and Exploration, and Between International Partners

Opportunity for Discussion Regarding Equity, Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion and Sustainable Exploration

LunGradCon 2021

July 15 - 16, 2021

With NASA’s Artemis program and its partners from Europe and around the globe, coupled with the developing lunar industry and other missions from NASA and international space agencies, the opportunity for a new generation of lunar science experiments to study our nearest neighbor has never been greater. This joint conference will explore current and future plans and share new, exciting results in a wide range of fields encompassing exploration science.

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