Angioletta Coradini Award

About the Award

The Angioletta Coradini Mid-Career Award is an annual award given by NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) to a researcher for significant, lasting accomplishments related to exploration science across the Solar System. The award is presented, along with an invited lecture, at the annual NASA Exploration Science Forum held each year.

About Angioletta Coradini

Angioletta Coradini (1946-2011) was an Italian planetary scientist who inspired astronomers around the world. She was a Co-investigator for NASA lunar and planetary research (1970–74); a member of the Science Team for the CIRS and VIMS instruments as well as PI of the VIMS visible channel, Cassini-Huygens mission (1991–2011); Coordinator of the Moon Orbiting Observatory (MORO) proposal and member of the MORO science team (1993–96); PI of the Jiram Instrument for the NASA New Frontiers Juno mission (2005–11). Among many other activities Angioletta was the driving force and initial lead for VIR, a highly productive Visible and InfraRed imaging spectrometer flown on Dawn (a Discovery mission to Vesta and Ceres).

Call for Nominations

Nominations for the Angioletta Coradini Mid-Career Award should summarize contributions of the mid-career nominee and succinctly state the qualifications and rationale for their selection (2000 characters).

Nominations are welcome from anyone at any time, but should be submitted no later than March 31 for consideration in that calendar year. Nominees do not need to reside in the U.S. nor be a U.S. citizen; nor do they need to be a member of SSERVI Teams. Nominees who are not initially selected will automatically become candidates for the following two years if they still meet the award criteria.

Previous Awardees of the Angioletta Coradini Mid-Career Award

Past Winners

Angioletta Coradini, received by Marcello Coradini 2017
Barbara Cohen 2018
Jennifer Heldmann 2019
Harald Hiesinger 2020
Timothy Glotch 2021
Carolyn van der Bogert 2022
Brett Denevi 2023