You are invited to virtually (online-only) attend the 10th European Lunar Symposium (ELS). This virtual workshop is currently planned for 24-26 May, 2022. This ELS will build upon the successes of previous meetings held in Berlin (2012), London (2014), Frascati (2015), Amsterdam (2016), Munster (2017), Toulouse (2018), Manchester (2019), Virtual (2020) and Virtual NESF/ELS (2021). The 10th ELS will be held under the umbrella of the European nodes of the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI).

New scientific data returned by a number of orbiter and landed missions to the Moon have renewed a strong interest in the worldwide community for lunar exploration, the most recent example of which is the successful lunar sample return by Chang’e-5 in Dec 2020 and NASA’s announcement to return humans to the Moon by 2025 through its Artemis program. Current interests in the exploration of the Moon range from astronomical, astrophysical, geological, commercial, resource utilization, and strategic considerations, to its use as an outpost for future human exploration of the Solar System.

One of the main aims of this meeting is to bring together the European scientific community interested in various aspects of lunar exploration. In addition, lunar experts from across the globe, engaged in any aspect of lunar exploration are also invited to contribute to this meeting. The meeting format will consist of both oral and poster presentations divided into five broad themes of: “Science of the Moon”, “Science on the Moon”, “Science from the Moon”, “Science enabling lunar in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU)” and “Future Missions”.