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The Lunar Surface Science Workshop has been held in a series of virtual workshops, starting in May 2020, geared toward collecting community input on a variety of topics relevant to the Artemis Program. Originally scheduled as an in-person workshop in April 2020 that was later postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these workshops have provided an opportunity for an ongoing dialogue between NASA and the broader lunar community, both disseminating current programmatic updates to the community while also collecting input from the lunar science community on priorities, objectives, and opinions.

  • 1 Which locations within 6° of the south pole are the highest priority to be visited by crew and why?
  • 2The value of mobility in enhancing the scientific return
  • 3Infrastructure that enables scientific exploration
  • 4How best to engage the scientific community and the public

Themes and Intent for the Lunar Surface Science Workshop

Each workshop includes a mix of invited talks, contributed talks from the community, breakout sessions designed to address a series of high priority topics, and, in some cases, poster sessions. Workshop leadership and participation draws from NASA, other governmental agencies, academia, industry, and international partners. Each workshop session generates a summary report (each of which is also available for community comment) that will be delivered to NASA HQ and posted publicly online on this website.

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