Gather Around!

We're thrilled to host an immersive poster and tailored networking experience to you this year through Gather.Town! Links to the Gather Poster and Networking Spaces will be made available at the start of the event!

Questions? Contact our team.

Video credit: Gather.Town

A First Look at the NESF & ELS 2021 Gather Experience

Best Practices for the Gather Environment

Have questions or need to troubleshoot? Visit the official Gather Help Page at any time!

Note! Your Gather display name can say anything you want, but we encourage you to use your first and last name (so others can identify you) and include your pronouns if you are comfortable doing so (so others know how to refer to you). For example: Greg Schmidt (he/him). To reduce screen clutter, we encourage using the Text Status field (Bottom menu → click on name → Add text status) to include your affiliation and any other information (e.g., name pronunciation guidance, job-seeking status, etc.)”

Network Connectivity & Audio/Video Considerations

For an optimal experience,